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Hey Westhills,


If you wanna know who’s writing to ya… it’s this guy…


Maybe ya know… maybe ya don’t, but I’ve spent the majority of the last 6 years traveling/working with an organization called “Adventures in Missions” (AIM), based in Gainesville, GA. The bulk of my efforts have been as a participant, trip leader, and then employee of “The World Race,” an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries (It’s basically 11 consecutive 4 week mission trips).


Former Westhillian faces Simeon Rodgers and Casey (not Wilson anymore) also ended up going on the World Race after me.

Many of you have supported me in those ventures, and I'm forever grateful.  Whether you've been a faithful supporter, or don't really know who I am, I wanted to update you on some changes that I'm pretty blessed to be able to share with you.


In the past, I’ve worked mostly with World Race, which is built for 21 to 35 year olds. In recent years however, I’ve had an increasing connection with our World Race Gap Year program, which is focused on 18-20 year olds, early on or before their college experience. This trip has only been 9 months long to fit better between school years and moves participants around less, because of the added need for more... uhhh... structure for that age group.


In all my time working with Adventures I’ve noticed a few problems, two of which I’m now aiming my spear at defeating, starting in the Gap Year program.


1.  There seems to be a lack of Godly men, empowered and prepared to carry out His call to have His will be done on earth as it is in heaven; a lack of men who can overcome the call of the world to live a life of fully dependent faith as husbands, brothers, sons, fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers into the rest of their lives.


2.  A number of our participants find great upheaval of beliefs that long held them back from stepping into a life more abundant that brings the good news day by day, and a planting of a better seed and understanding of the Lord. However, many struggle to have that seed produce consistent life-long fruit across a broad spectrum of our participants.


As such… I’m committing the next year plus of my life(probably closer to 2 or 3) to focus more intently on these issues specifically. These efforts will be spearheaded by discipleship, my strategic and visionary bend to activate those already walking in the call to further discipleship, and whatever the Lord gives me day by day. All of this aimed at making it as difficult at possible for people to entrust part of their spiritual journey to us(as they serve in the nations) and walk away without the tools, habits, and mindsets they’ll need to cultivate the intimacy with the Lord necessary to inform a life of obedience that will advance the Kingdom of God in their lives, the lives of their families, and anyone who would interact with them.


The Lord has granted me dreams that are far beyond this, but this is what the Lord has called me to for now, and I think it a worthy call. For the current participants on the field, it will mean that I will spend from mid-January until early June traveling to spend time with them in the midst of their Gap Year journey.  I will also be recruiting people for these trips (specifically men) as the majority of single missionaries are women, and recruiting more men to apply to lead the young men that sign up to journey with us(a problem that is the fruit of less men signing up in the first place).


If you want to help, I have three big needs, and a number a ways to meet them.


You can see those HERE!.


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