Westhills has been honored to sponsor and be in ministry partnership with Safe Refuge International a ministry in Manila, Philippines that seeks to rescue women and children who are victims of human trafficking. “Safe Christmas” is our way to love on them by providing needed items as well as special gifts. Please sign up, pick up a burlap bag, and return it filled by September 27th, including $10 for shipping. If you would like the same person you had last year, please sign up and make that request ASAP. Thank You!

Westhills Church Supports

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, paper, ink pads, stamps, solar calculators, etc.; TOYS: small cars, small dolls, balls, small stuffed animals, yo-yos, harmonicas, jump ropes, etc.; HYGIENE ITEMS: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, bubbles, washcloths, floss, etc.; OTHER: individually wrapped hard candy, batteries, flashlights, hair bows, combs, hair clips, sunglasses, hats small books.

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WestHills Church is partnering with the International Mission Board to reach the Bambukushu people of northern Botswana, Africa.  Our church will send 3-5 teams a year for 3-5 years with the task of reaching the unreached Bambukushu.  There are no current churches or missionaries among this people.  This is an exciting task to bring the Gospel to a people who have never heard.  The travel to this region of the world is long and arduous, but worth every effort.  We get the honor of bringing the Gospel to the Bambukushu for the first time.  The tentative plan is for teams to go in May, August and December in 2015.

Westhills Church Missions

This is an exciting task to bring the Gospel to a people who have never heard...


Westhills Church Missions

This ministry started through a vision God gave to Chuck and Charla Pereau in 1966 as they journeyed through the desert of the Baja California.  The vision came in the sound of children laughing at a place where there were no children.  They prayed and shared the vision with a few trusted friends and God rewarded their faithfulness.  They were able to purchase the old building and the 72 acres which began the first orphanage.  This ministry is much more than an orphanage.  They are involved in their community and helping to introduce them to Jesus Christ. It provides day care, school, handicap school, soup kitchen, clothing closet, healthcare, Bible Institute, local outreach, church planting and even a fire department!  Please pray for the group will minister there July 18 - 26 2015.  We still have room for you!

The vision came in the sound of children laughing at a place where there were no children...


Westhills Church Missions

The Bible gives clear instruction to take the Gospel all over the world.  However as God leads us to do that we cannot neglect our own neighbors.  The last week in July (27th-31st), we get the opportunity to serve children right here in our own community!  We will be participating with other churches in our area to provide a sack lunch to children that receive low cost/free lunches during the school year.  These sack lunches may be the only meal these children have during the average summer day at home.  What better way to show them Christ’s love than to help take care of a physical need?  We need volunteers to help package and deliver sack lunches Monday, July 27th - Friday, July 31.  The total number of lunches made and distributed per day is 450.  There are 4-5 routes that will need 2 people each per day and the packaging process will require 15-20 people per day.  Obviously, the more volunteers we have per day, the faster we will finish.   There will also be a cost we need to cover for these important meals.  Details to sign up will be made available in June.

These sack lunches may be the only meal these children have...

safe refuge , rescues, nurtures, aND REBUILDS LIVES

Westhills Church Supports

Safe Refuge is a ministry to rescue women and children who are victims of the abusive Asian sex industry. Founded in 2007 in Manila, Philippines, Safe Refuge has taken in dozens of women and children in crises, seeking to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. As the only shelter in Metro Manila that takes in pregnant women who already have children to bring with them, Safe Refuge seeks to help the mothers find the healing to start over with a changed life. Meeting medical and pregnancy needs is part of how Safe Refuge helps people through difficult life circumstances on a journey of healing and restoration through Jesus Christ

Safe Refuge Rescues, Nurtures, and Rebuilds lives devastated by extreme poverty, abuse and the sex–trade.

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