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The mission of WestHills Church is to see God bring life change.

Lasting life change is realized through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This relationship begins with belief in Jesus Christ, it is nurtured when we belong to a community of believers and it enables us to become disciples of Jesus.  Simply stated our mission is…  Believe. Belong. Become.








Our mission is to see God bring life change to everyone.  We believe our church has a responsibility to plan for and pursue this work of God.  Our vision communicates our strategy for realizing our mission.  WestHills’ vision is to glorify God.  His glory is realized by the local body when it functions properly as a tool for fellowship, discipleship, outreach and service. Simply stated, the vision of WestHills Church is…

Connect, Grow, Serve, Share.



As the church erupts in Acts 2, an important aspect that is immediately apparent is dynamic fellowship among the new believers. “They were continually devoting themselves to… fellowship” Acts 2:42.  We will provide an opportunity and environment for all people to grow together, strengthen each other and fulfill God’s purpose.



Jesus emphasizes the need for all followers to grow in his final command to the disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples” Matt. 28:19. Disciples are not the result of a singular experience or the completion of a curriculum; rather they are the result of a personal investment.  Therefore, we make it a primary  objective to transition converts to disciples as designed and lived out by Jesus.



“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,” Mark 10:45. The standard for service has been set by Jesus.  The New Testament paints a clear picture that all followers of Christ are gifted for service and intended to do so.  Not one Christian is called simply to attend.  Regardless of previous experiences, we believe that 100% of the people should do 100% of the work.



Jesus’ example and commands to the disciples clearly establish the believer’s responsibility to share his or her faith with others.  Acts 1:8 paints this picture for us as He instructs them to be His “witnesses” here, there and everywhere.  Therefore, we make it a primary objective to fulfill the goal of every person in the world confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.



It is clear that the New Testament church challenged its members to  live radical lives.  Therefore, we will not avoid this standard of living in an effort to experience more rapid growth.  We believe that what we have set out to do is right, not based on opinion but our understanding of God’s Word.  It is our conviction that our weekly gathering together for worship (corporate worship), participation in home groups, and ongoing discipleship will provide a healthy environment for life change to take place.




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